Young South African Girl, Shonti Narrates Mom’s Reaction After She Was Raped And It Is Dumb-Founding

A young South African girl, Shonti has narrated a rather shocking reaction her mom put up after she was raped by a man whom she claimed to know.

According to the young woman who took to Twitter to give her narrative, her mom had blamed her for putting herself in the situation to get raped. And when she attempted to commit suicide as a result of what she passed through, her mom called the ambulance to take her away. The very next day, her mom got her committed into a mental institution.

See her tweet below:

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“A guy I knew forced himself onto me, my mother blamed me for putting myself in that situation. That night I tried taking my own life and she told me she only called the ambulance cause she didn’t want a corpse in her house. Next day she got me admitted into a mental institution”

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Most of her followers questioned how a mother could react that way and Shonti responded:

Young lady reveals her mother

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