“Everybody’s Going To Tell You How To Do It… Find Your Own Way.” -American TV Personality, Brooke Burke-Charvet On Parenting

American TV personality, Brooke Lisa Burke-Charvet, 47, who shares four children with her ex-husband, Garth Fisher and husband, David Charvet, has opened up on how she raises them differently.

Speaking with US Weekly, the model posited that she raises each of her kids in unique ways saying:

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“I raise all my children differently, I truly do. Just when you think you figured it out, you got to tweak your rearing skills. One of the things I always tell women is, ‘Find your own way.’ Everybody’s going to tell you how to do it. Every mom’s out there doing something better than you. And I think we have incredible women’s intuition and we really have to follow that.”

Brooke’s kids are Neriah, 18, Sierra, 16, Heaven, 12, and Shaya, 10 — and she successfully co-parents them with their fathers, Fisher and Charvet.

“My children have amazing fathers, and we take the high road for our kids. Being a parent is selfless, learn how to have a working divorce. Have a better relationship with your ex than you had when you were married. That’s the goal!”

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The playboy model added:

“I love being a mom so I make it work. I carve out time for myself.”

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