Model, Simone Holtznagel Expresses Regrets Having Breast Enlargement Surgery, Warns Women Against The Danger

Former Playboy model Simone Holtznagel is known for her killer curves and large E-cup breasts. Yesterday, the 25-year-old Australian fashion model, best known for her appearance in Australia’s Next Top Model shared a chilling warning to those contemplating a breast enlargement with plastic surgery.

Taking to Instagram, Simone who underwent breast enlargement surgery insisted her E-cup breasts give her nothing but grief, pain and discomfort. Simone wrote over a selfie from bed:

”As the owner of E+ tiddies, why anyone would want their natural boobs enlarged is beyond me. Big boobs suck, they hurt, your back hurts and most of the time you need to sleep in a crop top and I’ll sell them for f***ing cheap just to get them off my chest.”

Despite expressing regrets about her cup-size, Simone’s ample cleavage has played a huge factor in her successful career as a model.

In 2017, the model told The Daily Telegraph she had refused to pose completely nude as a Playmate as she wanted to be taken seriously in the industry. She told the publication:

”I have worked really hard since Top Model, because I do have big boobs so I had to prove I am not just two really huge t**s and a pretty face. I am not a men’s magazine model so when I did get approached I said no straight away and they were like, ”what if you could do the cover?” And I was like, ”sweet”’.

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Photo credit: Instagram

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