MUST READ! Doctor, Abah Ehi Peter Exposes ‘Cryptic Pregnancy Scam’ Allegedly Going On In South East Nigeria

In Nigerian society and culture, the pressure put on married people (especially women) to take in, has unarguably pushed a lot of women into doing not only criminal things like kidnapping, but ridiculous things that most times put their health at risk.

A Nigerian doctor, Abah Ehi Peters is bringing to light an on-going scam in the eastern part of Nigerian, called ‘Cryptic Pregnancy scam’.

Cryptic Pregnancy involves certain people posing as medical experts to brainwash desperate women in need of children, into believing they are pregnant.

According to Dr. Peters who brought this to light via his Twitter page, these women seeking children are injected with a high level of oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones that cause the abdomen to bloat/enlarge, causes formation of cysts and appearance of being pregnant.

He shared a conversation with a patient who believed she was pregnant but was worried because she was still seeing her period 3 months into the supposed pregnancy. On further inquiry about how she found out she was pregnant, she opened up about the Cryptic Pregnancy.

This is an eye opener. Below is how the woman, a lawyer narrated the whole scam to Dr. Peter…

”Cryptic Pregnancy Scam. It was a cold and rainy morning sometime in April, when one of the OPD nurses on duty knocked on the consulting room.

Nurse KC: Doc, are you free? There’s a new patient that will like to see you.

Me: Okay, Please send her in. Good morning Ma’am, how may I help you?

Patient: Good morning Doc, I am about 3 months pregnant but still seeing my menses monthly and I am worried.

Me: It is not normal to be pregnant and still be bleeding or seeing your menses. How was this pregnancy confirmed? PT? Ultrasound Scan? Any pregnancy symptoms?

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