Relationship Blogger, Joro Olumofin Dishes Relationship Advice, Counsels Women On Being Financially Dependent Before Marriage

Relationship Blogger & Consultant, Joro Olumofin has made an appeal to young women to establish themselves before considering getting married.

Relationships are very important aspects of the society as most discussions on social media are centred on it. Infidelity is a menace many relationships face and wives are often times on the receiving end of it.

Going by the high rate of unfaithful men in marriages, some women now believe the best thing to do is to allow their men have a side chick.

Well, Joro Olumofin, a psychologist has shared his opinion on the issue. According to Joro, who is yet to be married, a woman should have at least N1 million in her account or in assets before considering marriage. He added that it is for her own good. He wrote:

”Dear Ladies, if you don’t have up to N1,000,000 / $2000 in assets or in your account you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage. This is for your own good. A lot of ladies are attenuated focusing on finding a Husband instead of having financial security which leads to atrophy & low self-esteem.”

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Joro continued that many women mistake finding a husband for financial security which can lead to disrespect or abuse. He further said that some women do not even have money to start their lives over in case of a divorce.

”Lugubriously, most Ladies today see having a husband as financial security, this leads to domestic abuse and disrespect when most of the burden is left on the shoulders of a man.

Some wives don’t have vex money or start-up money to start afresh in case of divorce. Having N1,000,000 in assets is having a skill that can bring you 1m in a year.”

Speaking further, Joro explained that love is not enough in this generation as money also matters. He then concluded that only a broke wife will allow her husband have a side chick.

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”Love is not enough in the millennial generation. Money matters. Ladies, Having financial independence will bring a certain level of catharsis. Only broke wives accommodate Sidechicks in their marriage.”

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