Mom, Holly Marie Wright Shares Chilling Warning After Her Son Gets Badly Injured In His Jelly Sandals

A mom, Holly Marie Wright has issued a warning to other parents on social media after her son suffered injuries on his feet because of his jelly shoes.

Holly from Birmingham shared pictures of her two-year-old son, Kaiden’s feet covered in blood, after the jelly shoes she bough for him at Sainsbury’s caused him painful injuries.

Asking for others to share her warning, she wrote:

”DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy these sandles [sic] from any Sainsbury’s store they are a hazard 😡😡 I brought these from maypole store for my 2 year old boy because of the nice weather we have been having recently. My kaiden only has trainers so I thought I would treat him to some nice summer items and I found these cute little shoes so I brought them.

I put them on kaiden to walk to the shop (the local shop is only about 3 mins away) and I thought everything was fine he wasn’t complaining or anything he was his happy self.

It’s only on the way back he started screaming and crying and refusing to walk on his feet and then I seen all the blood he was in so much pain 😔. I ran home and tore the shoes off him to find they had cut up all of his feet 😓.”

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After discovering her son’s injuries, Holly said she called the Sainsbury’s customer service, but was told they needed to collect more customer feedback before acting on the complaint. She added:

”I ring the complaints centre and they said they will log it and see if they get anymore of the same complaints ARE THEY SERIOUS. they want to wait for more children to get hurt 😡😡😡.


Speaking to Birmingham Live, Holly added that there was blood dripping from the cuts on her son’s feet when they got back from their short walk. She said:

”When we got home blood was dripping onto the carpet. I took the shoes off and the strap was coated in blood and there were strap-shaped cuts on his feet.

He was in agony, his feet were swollen and the straps dug into his feet. His feet are still swollen now and he will have scars, I’m fuming.”

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Following Holly’s complaint, a spokesperson for their Tu clothing line told Birmingham Live:

”We’re arranging for a gesture of goodwill for Holly so that Kaiden can try some alternative summer styles.”

*PLEASE SHARE* DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy these sandles from any Sainsbury’s store they are a hazard 😡😡 I brought…

Posted by Holly Marie Wright on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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