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HEALTH ALERT! Pediatrician Harps On The Serious Implications Of Drinking Cold Water

Water gives us life and we all know how good it feels to quench our thirst with a nice tall glass of cold water. But is cold water always the best option? Or maybe there are occasions where we should opt for warm or room temperature water?

A Warri-based Pediatrician, Dr. Ovo Ogbinaka, speculate on the best water to take and the one to avoid due to its numerous health implications. The expert cautioned against excessive consumption of cold water due to its adverse effects on human health.

Dr. Ogbinaka, who gave the caution in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, disclosed that excessive drinking of cold water can cause the closure of four veins, and in the process lead to heart attack. The medical practitioner said:

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“Excessive cold water consumption can cause the closure of four veins, and in the process lead to heart attack. It can create problems in the liver, make fats to stick in the liver and affect the large intestine which on its own can result in cancer.”

The medical doctor further advised that people should drink normal room temperature water to avoid complications at old age. According to the expert, the effect may be gradual; it is capable of catching up with the person at old age.

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He added that cold water could make the blood vessels to shrink thereby causing indigestion. He stated:

“Drinking cold water can cause the food we consume not to digest properly, meaning that nutrients won’t get absorbed by the body the way they should.”

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