Nigerian Chef, Chinelo, Who Got Married At 22, 11 Years Ago Cheerfully Shares Her Journey

A Nigerian chef grateful for how far she has come in her marriage has shared a truly inspirational story of what it was like navigating the odds and the understanding that she now has many years after getting married at a rather young age.The chef identified simply as Chinelo took to the popular microblogging platform, Twitter, to share their story.
Chinelo who revealed in her Twitter thread that it was her eleventh year wedding anniversary said not a few people were worried that her marriage may not survive the test of time, considering she got married at the age of 22 to her husband who was 26 years old at the time.
According to her, the early years of their marriage proved challenging and saw them arguing a lot lot over food. She explained that while she loved onions and she makes sure to put it in her food, her husband couldn’t stand them and would often complain about it.

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According to her narration, the arguments got to a head and it took the intervention of both their mothers to help the couple work out an understanding.

The budding chef also added that they have now vowed to respect and never give up on each other after realising they are both imperfect ‘children of God’. Ultimately, Chinelo says it is God and love that has brought theior marriage this far.

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11 yrs ago , a young and pretty baby geh got married, she was 22 and he was 26,we were so young and willing to go thru life together, we argued, laughed, cried, struggled together , I remember our first years, how we would fight cos of onions, he hates onions ,I love onions
He complained and struggled to enjoy his food,then quarells started,until the last fight,he was so mad and refused to eat, our parents had to intervene, my mum called and said ** chinelo he didn’t eat onion for 26yrs of his life ,how do you think that will change now

Stop forcing him to eat onions !! Iga makwa ihe ma ika’nka?

My mother inlaw pleaded * chi you know I love onions too, but he doesn’t like it, you can blend so he won’t see it, those words from them.touched me and I adjusted ,started blending and onion fights stopped.

God and love brought us this far. Friends were scared we won’t make it this far cos we were young but they ddnt know we were two imperfect children of God, crazy in love and vowed to respect and never give up on each other.’

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