Sherrexcia Rolle: Inspirational Story Of 29-Year-Old Black Woman Who Runs A Successful Airline Company

There’s so much a girl can do with her time being single, and it’s much more than daydreaming. Not yet saddled with mummy runs as well as building her own family, there’s all the time a young woman needs to chase her dreams in pursuit of excellence.  That’s exactly what the story of 29-year-old black Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle, who is piloting the affairs of one the most financially successful airlines brings to mind.

Rolle who revealed that it is her hope that other young women will be keen and take advantage of the opportunities available to them obviously followed her own advice by applying herself the right way to become the centre of the management of the airline company called Western Air Limited owned by her parents.

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Rexy shared that her parents involved her in the business when she was much younger and although she did not understand how big their vision was, she applied herself to the responsibility and has today become a force to reckon with in the aviation industry running one of the most-successful black-owned airlines in the world.

According to Essence, the budding businesswoman handles the daily management of the company as the airliner expands its operations and fleet and is currently worth over $90 million.

In an interview with Essence magazine, ‘Rexy’ said that the company was started in 2001 by her parents, adding that she was involved at its inception even though she was very young but added that she hopes to be multi-dimensional and wants to achieve success in everything she does.

The 29-year-old is well aware that there are not many people like her in the industry which has sparked some kind of curiosity whenever she attends conferences.

In advising young women, Rolle thought it was important to encourage young women to take advantage of whatever opportunities that are presented to them.

“I hope the lesson that they take from me is that you have to take advantage of any and all opportunities that may be presented to you.

When I was younger I didn’t fully understand everything that my parents were sacrificing to do in terms of what their bigger vision was,”

she said.

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