Watch How To Audit Your Life According To Author/ TV Personality Toke Makinwa

In a new episode of Toke Moments, Nigerian radio personality and television host, Toke Makinwa is sharing some truth in the hope that it inspires you. In the short video, Toke asks:

“When last did you audit your life? Who’s is in your life and what purpose are they serving? Are they drawing you closer to God, Helping you make money? Live better or are they just occupying space?”.

It’s amazing how people go into relationships and then completely lose themselves, usually it would be like the person you are with is quenching your fire instead of fuelling it.

How do you start to date a person and then everything in your life goes down, like literally you’ve lost your sense of purpose because you are in love and always want to be around your lover, you no longer have anything going on for you.

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Even if the partner can help in any way, you are too shy to ask for their help because you do not want them to see you in a certain way.

Watch the episode and learn how to audit your life…


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