Gbenro Ajibade Reveals His Marriage With Osas Ighodaro Has Ended And How He Feels About Her Now

Nigerian dad, actor and model, Gbenro Ajibade, has revealed quite shockingly that his marriage to former beauty queen, Osas Ighodaro, has ended. The dad-of-one made this revelation during a new interview with PUNCH.

This bit of their marriage been over is been publicly acknowledged for the first time after months of speculations.

In February this year, Gbenro took to his Instagram handle to post damning updates, calling out his wife, actress Osas for what he called negligence in her parenting towards their only child. So angry was the dad-of-one that he issued via same Instagram a “final warning” as he put it, to his wife, threatening that their marriage could be over if she doesn’t yield to his entreaties to not suffer the family for the sake of her career. Read here.

Speaking with PUNCH Saturday Beats, Ajibade said:

“I still have a good relationship with her (Osas); it’s still good. We are still good, regardless.”

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Asked why he criticised her publicly on Instagram for allegedly abandoning their daughter to attend a party back in February, the actor said,

“I didn’t ‘call her out’ (criticise her publicly); I was just using Instagram as a tool to save the situation. But unfortunately, decisions were made and I had to agree (with them).

“Do you think I wouldn’t have tried other means? People will definitely say what they have to say, they will never understand. I still have love and respect for her, regardless. If not for everything, we have a child. A baby is not born to carry the burden of the father and mother.”

He, however, said he could not share the lessons learnt from the ordeal.

“I cannot tell you what I have learnt because the experience is personal. That is why I said I am grateful because the experience has helped me a lot.

It has helped me to be a better person. Regardless, I will always be there for my daughter. I still have love and respect for her. She is still a good woman.

The fact that things didn’t work out well doesn’t mean we have to bear grudges and all of that. We have gone beyond that.”

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