Activist, @Forever_Rayyan Sparks Outrage After Advocating For Maryam Sanda To Be Pardoned

Hopefully, that time will never come when domestic violence will be excused or treated as mere accidents. Following the sentencing of Abuja based mum-of-two, Maryam Sanda to death by hanging by a High Court in Abuja; an activist on Twitter has said the judgment is insensitive to the plight of Maryam who killed her husband, Bilyamin Bello in one moment of rage.

She said that the court failed to take into cognizance that men are ‘demons’ who torture women silently.

The activist who took to her Twitter handle @Forever_Rayyan to say men are demons who have made a habit of treating women without respect said restraint in the face of anger is important but that, that does not mean people will stop being human when pushed past their limits.

Her comments on Twitter which have now sparked outrage included that the late Bilyamin provoked his wife repeatedly through his infidelity and taking her for granted. She suggested that Bilyamin subjected the embattled mum to emotional abuse and she reacted, not intending to kill him, but that things just went unfortunately wrong, the activist explains.

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By her explanation, there’s not one woman out there who would put up with so much disrespect as was meted to Maryam by her late husband.

Read her post:

”As an activist I stand with MARYAM SANDA� men are demonic and can push you to extreme lengths, yes we should learn to control our anger but even the Qur’an said you should seek for protection and defend your self when necessary in the 1999 constitution as been amended”

There is no reason to pay evil with evil, you didn’t ask her for her reason for the murder even taught islam prohibits killing, sometimes men do really push women to the wall you know just cause his father is a former PDP chairman doesn’t mean she has no right Nigeria

We’ve to be very careful how we handle our wives, one day you go to her fathers house and promise her the world, you get married and you starting drinking & womanizing no WOMAN WOULD TOLORATE THAT ON EARTH due to jealousy. I stand with MARYAM SANDA.

Maryam Sanda opinions in this case matters as well, human rights are women right, her husband mis behaved she stapped him out of anger without knowing, he died & you’re now blaming her. Put yourselves in her shoes arewa Twitter.

What happens to the child, they should leave her for the child sake, so the child is now an orphan, mommy killed dad and everyone starts running away from the child thinking she is also gonna be a serial killer? Weve to change our mind sets. Nigeria law is scam.”

See the activist’s original thread below:

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