Driven By His Love For His Children, Nigerian Doctor, Anenya Ushakuma Outlines How His Wife Must Be Treated If She Ever Kills Him

A Nigerian doctor, identified as Anenya Ushakuma Michael, has in his reaction to the news given word of how he expects the law to handle the situation if he ever suffered a fate similar to Bilyamin’s.

Reactions continue to trail the death sentence handed mum-of-two, Maryam Sanda who killed her husband Bilyamin Bello in a fit of rage. Maryam was sentenced to death by hanging by a High Court in Abuja yesterday after suspicions of her husband’s infidelity caused her to fatally stab him in 2017

He took to his Twitter handle to share a tweet which he says he wants to be admissible in the court as evidence if his wife ever kills him. Anenga shared that while he knows that his wife will never kill him, if it does happen for any reason, she should be spared so she can take care of his children.h

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His was a quite unpopular opinion but he bared his mind all the same.

”I know my wife will never kill me. But if for any reason this happens, let her be allowed to live and take care of my children. This is me Dr Anenga Ushakuma Michael writing this, and I want this tweet to be admissible in court as evidence”

Ushakuma wrote.

When other users on the app chided him for oversimplifying murder , he defended himself saying:

”I’m talking about MY WIFE, not any other person’s wife. If you can’t say same about your wife, too bad, but mine should be given a second chance, if possible.

Those who wish their wives were hanged, will not wish their mothers were hung if she committed the same offence.”

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