Nigerian Mum, Oluwabusayo Reuben Shocks Her Friends With Revealing Facebook Post That Alleges Her Husband May Kill Her

A Nigerian mum Oluwabusayo Reuben shocked her friends when she took to Facebook to let the world in about her marital woes and suggest that her husband may get her killed.

According to the mum who is identified by her Facebook profile, her husband, Gbadebo, had made a habit of physically abusing her in the course of their five-year marriage.

Reuben who is also a caterer said both of their families are aware of Gbadebo’s violence towards her but that the world needs to know about it as well.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back, Reuben says, was that her husband bashed her head against the wall because she refused to give him money.
She wrote:

“I think it’s high time the whole world knows this just incase I pass on, so ya’ll can know my murderer. It’s the man I’m married to.

He’s violent and he abuses me, beats me up over the slightest provocation, I’m done in this marriage, the whole world got yo know this!!!!!

Tonight, as I came out of the bathroom, he hit my head on the wall, punched my face, my neck, almost snapped my neck all because I didn’t give him money.

Every one is aware, both families are aware, the whole world got to know this, I cant take this anymore”.

"If I pass on, my murderer is the man I

She added:

“This is the last straw, I’ve been enduring this for over 5 years.”

"If I pass on, my murderer is the man I

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Friends were shocked and expressed it on Facebook. One mentioned that her husband is seems “cool” but that she should stay away from him until she notices a real change. Another said, “I thought you were happy?”

"If I pass on, my murderer is the man I

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