Nigerian Mum, Olivia, Calls Attention To The Discrimination Against Single Mums Seeking Jobs

A single mum took to her social media page to vent about been denied a job opportunity by an organization that told her they are only looking for “respectable” and “responsible” candidates. The Nigerian mum, Olivia, questioned whether keeping and caring for a child is not enough proof of being responsible.

Olivia who identifies herself as an advocate and life coach for single mums said society is hypocritical towards single mums even though they are the parents who stayed and didn’t abandon their children.

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According to her, she will always encourage single mums to push for equal opportunities like other members of the society without fear or intimidation.

Olivia Wrote:

How can you refuse a single mother a job because your organization is only looking for someone who’s “respectable” and “responsible”?

Isn’t keeping AND caring for a child the very meaning of (accepting) RESPONSIBILITY???

Why are we so backward in this country?
I am livid!!

Because of people like these moms are hiding the fact that they’re mothers just so they can be considered for positions, who the hell do you think you are?

We will not hide and twist ourselves into knots because of your discrimination and bigotry.

We will be loud and proud and occupy spaces that we are qualified for and you will sit there and take it because the world does not belong to you.

Bloody hypocrites.

Never have ever I heard that a man was denied a job because he’s not taking care of his kids but you have vim for single moms.

A pox on you!

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