Man Dedicates His Life To Praying For Pregnant Women After This Happened To His Sister

A painful loss has caused a Nigerian man to vow to dedicate his life to praying for pregnant women.

The man, Ceejay, made the resolution after he painfully lost his sister, Rita, while she was giving birth to her first child.

According to Ceejay, Rita had prayed for 5 years to conceive but she eventually died on Saturday night, July 25, during giving birth. Rita’s newborn son survived according to a distraught Ceejay.

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Sharing the story, Ceejay shared that he “felt something wasn’t right” on that night; he said he had no inkling his sister was “struggling for dear life.”

He promised to spend a part of his daily life, praying for pregnant women.

He wrote:

Lost my younger sister last night… She died at child birth…

Truly blood is blood… I felt something wasn’t right last night…never knew your were struggling for dear life…You lived a very simple life… Always smiling and looked forward to so many things. Sometimes I just wonder how God does His own things… But can I question Him?

My nephew survived… I will tell you how sweet and lively your mummy was… How she prayed for over 5 years asking God for a child.

And just when she was ready to welcome u, hug you and kiss you; God took her to heaven so she can watch over you from there.

Every death teaches me more about ” detachment”… There is nothing about this life. We live it just once and it’s gone.

We fight, brag and drag about so many things in this life when tomorrow is not even promised. We go to bed not knowing if we will wake up.

“I will dedicate a part of my life saying silent prayers for pregnant women.

That God should watch over them from the moment of conception until the time of delivery.

We just see women deliver babies and rejoice but we have no idea the agony they go through and some don’t even die.”

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