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Dear MIMsters: What Bullying Did To My Little Brother And His Amazing Transformation, Post-Bullying

I would like to share the impact of bullying on my brother and his amazing transformation, post-bullying.

My parent’s last child (boy) was very brilliant in primary school. Even the school headmistress had advised my parents to allow him to skip a class but my father didn’t agree.
When my brother got to secondary school, he was bullied because he was the smallest in the class. He was calm and had difficulty with words. It took my brother time to be able to pronounce words correctly. So whenever he tried to talk, he was shut down and laughed at both by teachers and classmates.
It affected my brother’s self-esteem and academic performance. My mother had to enroll him at a lesson but there was no improvement. Even during the children’s day celebration in church, my brother will not participate.
It was a serious matter. Family members, cousins, neighbors, church members laughed whenever he opened his mouth to say something. My brother failed WAEC with F9 in almost all his subjects.
My Dad wasn’t living in the same state as us. So, he asked him to come to live with him and he repeated SS2. After plenty of advice, prayers, and counseling, my brother passed his WAEC with flying colors and he is now a second-year student studying mechanical engineering.
I am proud to say that my brother is an active young man now, who is always talking. My dad says he is saying all he wasn’t able to say while growing up. His CGPA is unbelievable. Those who knew us when we were younger are shocked at his transformation.
He is now very confident and can never be shut down. He won the best speaker in a debate in the new secondary school he attended and many Bible quiz competitions in church, and school seminars.
My brother was rescued late and he is doing great. If you have a child in the same boat as my brother, I’ll advice you to change his school. Resorting to violence to fight bullies isn’t the best. 

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