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Female Celebrities Join Media Girl, Kaylah Oniwo To Discuss The “Drama That Comes With Ovulation”

Media personality Kaylah Oniwo took to social media to lament the effects of ovulation on women. The popular OAP and fashionista revealed that Nigerian women should begin to talk about the drama that comes with ovulation more because the world needs to know.

Over the years conversations around menstruations, ovulation is one woman have been forced to have as there is a need to stop the ignorance and silence culture that has been created around the topic.

According to the media girl who is known for co-hosting ‘The Road Show’ and ‘CATWALK WITH KAYLAH’ on Cool FM Nigeria, the fact that women have to go through cramps, abdominal pain, slimy stretchy vaginal discharge, horny days, sore nipples e.t.c, makes every woman strong.

Sharing her own experience with ovulation, the OAP revealed on her Twitter page that she recently woke up with pains from cramps at 3 am in the morning and she had no one to hug her.

She shared that the pain of a menstrual cycle is bad enough without women having to deal with pain from their ovulation cramps.

She tweeted:

“I don’t think we often talk about the drama that comes with ovulation ! Na wa . Cramps/abdominal pain, slimy stretchy vaginal discharge, horny AF, sore nipples. Only one person, as if your normal menstrual cycle isn’t enough Kai!!!!!!”

She added on Instagram: “Can you relate? Woke up 3 am to this madness and nobody to hug me. I was just like WHY????”

Other female celebrities who can relate stormed her comment section talking about their experiences.

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