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Medical Expert, Dr. Chinonso Egemba Is Busting The Myths Around Wet Dreams Experienced In Adolescents & Adulthood

A wet dream is also known as a nocturnal emission. Nocturnal means “at night” and emission means “discharge.” This makes sense because a wet dream is when semen (the fluid containing sperm) is discharged from the penis during ejaculation while a

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Newborn Care: Doctor Nonso Egemba Tells Parents Why They Should Avoid Mentholatum & Other Practices

A medical practitioner Dr. Chinoso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor has shared vital information to benefit parents caring for their newborns. The Twitter-famous doctor in a short thread shared information with parents about widespread but harmful practices in caring for newborns

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What You Should Do When Your Newborn Son’s Urine Does Not Flow Out As It Should; Dr Nonso Egemba Counsels Parents

A medical practitioner Dr. Chinoso Egemba has shared a vital tip for new parents. The Twitter-famous doctor in a short thread addressed what parents should do when they notice  that their baby boy’s urine does not flow out as it

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Medical Doctor, Dr. Bobby Egemba Gives Tips On What To Do When Someone Swallows Poison

Dr. Bobby Egemba popularly known as Aproko Doctor on Twitter has suggested a few ways one can prevent further harms on the body system when a person swallows poison. Often times, people swallow poisons or eat poisonous foods unknowingly which

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Health ALERT! Why Moms Must Avoid Using Camphor & Mentholatum On Or Around Newborn Babies

A medical doctor has taken to Twitter to warn parents and guardians with newborn babies about the dangers of camphor. According to Dr Chinonso Egemba Aproko Doctor, moms should avoid using camphor around babies and even on their clothes. In

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“Stop cleaning your ears with cotton buds” – Nigerian Doctor, Nonso, Warns With Reasons

Putting anything inside your ear is a bad idea. From cotton buds to feathers and broomsticks, these are just some of the things that people put into their ears. Doctor Nonso, a Twitter user @aproko doctor has warned that it

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