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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing That Baby Fat

Mark Wealth  During pregnancy, the body gains weight so as to carry and cater for the baby growing within. After childbirth, the body will shed some weight on its own while your deliberate effort should take care of the rest.

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Proud Mom Tonto Dike Reveals The Most Beautiful Stage of Her Life | Can You Guess What It Was?

Tonto Dikeh may have lost all her baby weight, but the stunning mother of handsome King recalls a time in her immediate past she thinks was the most beautiful stage in her life. Recall how fans had reacted after seeing

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Iwo Akinyoyenu: How I Got Rid Of My Baby Fat For Good

My pre-pregnancy weight was 65 kg but it went from that to 85 kg during pregnancy; that’s a weight gain of 20 kg. I had a CS and that was not quite easy, but I was determined. After about one week

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