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How 36-Year-Old Mum, Elizabeth Amoaa Born With Two Wombs And Two Cervixes Finally Got A Diagnosis After Enduring Years Of Heavy Menstrual Flow

A new mum who was born with two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes has spoken out about living with the extremely rare condition. Elizabeth Amoaa, originally from Ghana but now living in Walsall, Birmingham, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys

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6 Straightforward Tips For Parenting A Child With Autism

Parenting an autistic child can seem overwhelming in the beginning, but it really gets better as the years go by and children with autism can open our eyes and our hearts to deeper contexts of love, courage, and humanity; all

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All You Need To Know About Fibroids: Symptoms, Treatment & Diagnosis

This article is about understanding fibroids better and demystifying it as much as possible. Let’s take it from what it actually is, to its possible causes, predisposing factors, diagnosis and treatment options. The good news is that it is a

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