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Nigerian Physician, Dr. Nonso Explains Why Some Young Women Lactate Despite Not Pregnant Or Nursing A Baby

An Award winning Medical Doctor and Health Communications Expert, Dr. Nonso has explained why some young women produce breasts milk, despite not pregnant or nursing a baby. As against the general belief most people have that it only occurs in

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Parents Be Warned: After Almost Losing A Child, Nigerian Physician, Dr. Nonso Sounds A Note Of Caution

Many Nigerians resort to self-medication and self-help where their health is concerned. The habit itself, may be informed by ignorance , but more commonly, it is due to the limitations in the healthcare system in the country. One Nigerian medical

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See How Your Man’s Beards Can Give You Vaginal Infection: The Gospel According To A Nigerian Doctor

A clean shave used to be the gentlemanly thing, except that now, beards have become fancy and is arguably said to boost men’s attractiveness. There’s a chance that the beard movement may have hit a snag, however, as one Nigerian

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