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Blessing Dike, The Lone Survivor In An Accident Shares Her Testimony As She Exceeds Doctors’ Expectations

A Nigerian lady, Blessing Dike, has recalled her near-death experience and a scary prognosis of her condition following a fatal accident that claimed the lives of all other passengers except herself in 2016. According to Blessing, who elatedly shared her

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Why Sonia Morales Is Thankful That The COVID-19 Lockdown Did Not Happen When She Was Still Married To IK Ogbonna

Sonia Morales, the ex-wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna is thankful that the Coronavirus pandemic did not happen while she was still married to him. According to the mother-of-one, staying indoors because of Coronavirus would have been bad if it

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Dear MIMsters: Would It Be Wrong to Mind My Damn Business in This Marriage?

I am very depressed at the moment. I need mature advice. Would it be wrong to mind my damn business in this marriage? When I met my hubby, he told me he only had OND in electrical electronics. When we

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