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TV Girl, Idia Aisien Shares The Dos & Don’ts When You Are Dealing With Grief After Losing Loved Ones 

On the 7th of February, Nigerian-Cameroonian model and TV presenter, Idia Aisien had just finished reading the second segment of the news when she received the sad news that she had lost her dad in a car accident. Even though

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Comedienne, Abidemi Hope Laments The Pain & Depression That Have Accompanied The Loss Of Her Daughter: ‘I thought I was strong enough to pray myself out of this pain’

The death or loss of a child can be called the ultimate tragedy. Nothing can be more devastating. A child’s death robs the parents, especially the mom, guardians of the ability to carry out their parenting role as they have

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How To Help A Child Cope With Loss Of A Parent

Children may not fully comprehend it when a loved one dies, but even if they do, they will not all feel and show their grief in the same way. When the death of a parent occurs, children will show grief

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