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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Handle My Mum Who Is Contravening All The Principles and Values She Once Taught Me

How do I handle this situation with my mum who is contravening to the principles and values that she once taught me? My mum has two kids. My sister who is 24 years old and me, 21 years old. My

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Dear MIMsters: Is My Mother Punishing Me For Being The First Child Or What?

Is my mother punishing me for being the first child or what? I don’t really know how to put this but my Mum’s attitude towards me sometimes makes me feel less. I have a caring and loving husband but anytime

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Dear MIMsters: How My Mother Has Succeeded In Destroying My Confidence In Her

My mother and I have had some issues in the past about privacy and it seems she just doesn’t understand where I’m coming from or she simply doesn’t care. Is she working against us, her children? She has succeeded in

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Dear MIMsters: My mother and I do not have a normal relationship and it’s nothing spiritual

RE: On the story of the lady whose mother resented her while growing up and now she is not attached to her! I read the story and just smiled at those comments saying it’s a spiritual issue. I can relate with

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