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Dear MIMsters: Is My Mother Punishing Me For Being The First Child Or What?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Mother Punishing Me For Being The First Child Or What?

Is my mother punishing me for being the first child or what?

I don’t really know how to put this but my Mum’s attitude towards me sometimes makes me feel less. I have a caring and loving husband but anytime I visit Mum she’s always keeping malice with me. It’s not like I go empty handed, I go with some foodstuffs and whenever I give her money, she never collects it directly from my hand. It’s either she asks me to put it down somewhere or under a pillow.

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It has always been like this when I was growing up. I am the first child but my parents can only go the extra mile for my younger siblings. When it comes to me, no one cares. I have even tried to voice it out to my mum, to find out why she doesn’t like me like she likes my siblings. Her only response was, I don’t know what I’m saying.

As I’m typing this, I have tears flowing from my eyes. This has really affected my lifestyle because I’m not always happy even though hubby is always there for me. It is affecting hubby too because anytime he visits my parents, the only thing they do is exchange greetings and leave him alone to sit there like a fool. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Is it because she has always wanted me to be a nurse but instead I turned out to be a pharmacist or is it because I didn’t marry a rich man as she expected me to? I’ve been asking myself lots of questions as talking to her didn’t work out well.

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When it’s Mother’s Day, I buy her gifts. I’ve bought her all the phones she needs for WhatsApp. The most painful thing is when she wears something that I bought for her and her friends compliment her for it, telling her how nice they think the thing is, she’s never proud to voice it out that her daughter got it for her. Rather, she would just say, “someone gave it to me.” She’s done this even in my presence.

What could be my offense? I have been asking myself if my crime is being the first child? Are there any other first children also in my shoes?

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