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So Much Single Women & Men Can Learn From How RSI President, Mrs. Funmilayo Banire Narrowly Escaped Becoming Childless & Choosing The Wrong Life Partner

About 2.7 million Nigerian women are Rhesus negative, Rhesus Solution Initiative, a non-governmental organisation that sensitises teenagers and pregnant women about rhesus disease, President, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Banire has said. The statistic, she said, amounted to 5.9 per cent of Nigerian

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Consultant Haematologist On How Rhesus Incompatibility Can Rob Couples Of The Joy Of Parenthood 

Many people are now aware that genotype compatibility is a defining factor when it comes to choosing a life partner but many are still not clear that it doesn’t just end there. Many women have suffered repeated miscarriages, still birth

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