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Nigerian Mum, Busayo Adebowale Shares 6 Tips Parents Can Adopt To Make Reading Fun For Their Children

Reading should be an exciting activity, especially for children, says Busayo Adebowale, Director, Inspired Kids Network. Sadly, it is not so for many children, as a lot of parents make reading seem like a chore or schoolwork, or indeed a

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Raising Your Child To Become A Good Reader: 10 Practical Tips

Reading has many advantages and benefits for young children and its importance cannot be over-emphasised. If you want your child to reap and enjoy the benefits of reading, then you must make your child a reader. This is made possible

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12 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Reading Habit

By Ndidi Adekunle Readers are leaders, so developing a good reading habit is important. Are you having a hard time helping your child become an avid reader? Bearing in mind that your job is not to teach, but to reinforce

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10 Practical Tips To Help Your Child Become A Good Reader

Reading is one skill that many children struggle with and a lot of parents worry about their child’s reading. Parents can be pretty competitive and when you hear about how well another child is doing with their reading, it’s easy

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How A Rare 4-Year-Old, Caleb Stewart Demonstrates The Importance Of Reading & Learning

Readers are leaders, so knowing the importance of good reading habit is vital. Caleb Stewart may be just a little boy of 4 but his speaking skills and confidence level are much older than his age. At a middle school

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Why a Well Read Woman Is a Dangerous Woman -Blogger Adebisi Busayo

Lifestyle and travel blogger Adebisi Busayo is of the notion that a well-read woman is a dangerous woman. According to Adebisi, a well-read woman is a gem in the midst of any crowd or group as they articulately contribute to

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SA President Jacob Zuma Urges all Parents to Read to their Children to Improve Literacy

To improve children’s literacy levels, South African President, Jacob Zuma has urged parents to spend more time with their children by reading to them. ”I call upon all parents who are able to do so‚ to read to their children

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What This Young Fulani Herds Boy Was Found Doing Is Endearing

A young Fulani boy who was grazing his cows recently has been caught on camera doing something quite inspiring. The youngster was spotted by one ‘Engr. Sam’ who took photo of him and posted the story on Facebook. The inspiring story

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Kids Who Are Read To By Dad Have Better Language Skills – Study

Have you been reading to your child? This activity if done daily presents immense benefits to your child’s literary development. (Read here and  here). Beyond just reading to your child, a new research  at the Havard University has revealed that children who

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