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Nigerian Girls Who Suffered From Period Poverty Describe Their Horrible Experiences

Period Poverty is when girls cannot afford a sanitary pad or tampons mostly because of financial constraints. It is a cogent issue affecting women and girls who don’t have access to safe, hygienic sanitary products, and/or who are unable to

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Menstruation: Medical Researcher, Bamidele Iwalokun Counsels On The Habit Of Using Tissue Paper As Sanitary Pad

Menstruation is a naturally occurring physiological condition in women. It is the process by which women shed blood and other material from the lining of the uterus (womb) at intervals of about one month from puberty until menopause except during

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Federal Government Exempts Sanitary Pads, 19 Other Staples From VAT Hike

Come Feburary 1 2020,  the new valued added tax (VAT) increase proposed by the  The Federal Government will take effect. President Muhammadu Buhari a couple of weeks ago signed the Finance Act to increase the government’s revenue base, this translates

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See How The Federal Government Is Planning To End ‘Period Poverty’ For Girls In Nigeria

The Federal Government has set on a laudable mission to end ‘period poverty’ among young girls in the country. Period poverty essentially refers to having a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints. The availability or access

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