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Public Health Physician, Dr Helen Omuh Tells COVID-19 Survivors Whose Sense Of Taste & Smell Isn’t Restored What To Do

Scientists warn that many survivors of COVID-19 who lost their senses of taste and smell may not recover those senses after other symptoms of the disease might have disappeared. According to preliminary data from clinicians, about a quarter of recovered

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COVID-19 Survivors Reveal A Symptom That Has Refused To Go Away Weeks After They Were Discharged

Many Nigerian COVID-19 survivors treated and discharged from isolation centres say one particular symptom of the infection has refused to go away. Some of the survivors who spoke with PUNCH HealthWise said they were worried that they are yet to

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Can Pineapple Really Make You Taste Sweeter Down There?

A lot of women obsess with information on how to keep their vaginas healthy which is a good thing. Many more women are seeking natural options to make their sensitive part smell and even taste sweeter which is still a

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