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How TV Reporter, Antoinette Lattouf Was ‘Saved’ By Viewer Who Spotted A Lump And Wrote To The Show

A television journalist who admits she ‘scoffed’ at a message from a viewer urging her to get her neck checked has credited the stranger for ‘saving her career’. Antoinette Lattouf, a reporter for Network Ten in Australia, is often inundated

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Mo Abudu Blazes A New Trail: Read About Her New Feat And Plans For Nigeria

Media mogul, Mosunmola ‘Mo’ Abudu, has been elected Director of International Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences. The 54-year-old media personality, TV producer, and founder of Ebony Life TV has blazed a new trail with this feat, which is no doubt a

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What’s Your Child Watching On TV? 5 Major Ways To Make Sure It’s Safe

Ineh Olisah With so much obscene content on TV these days, even in family programs, the need to monitor what your children watch cannot be over-emphasized. But, how best can you do this? Some little children have this habit of

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