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Dear Mimsters: What Could Be Wrong With My Veejay?

What could be wrong with my veejay? I’m a 26 year old virgin. For two weeks now, I have observed that my vagina has been producing a certain kind of discharge. This makes me itch and uncomfortable. I used a

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Dear MIMsters: Since My Miscarriage, Things Have Not Been the Same

At five months, I had a miscarriage last year in November. It was so painful and because the baby was fully formed, it was like giving birth. By God’s grace, I am three months pregnant again. Since that scenario happened,

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How to Care For Your Veejay after an Episiotomy (Part One)

Mark Wealth An Episiotomy is a small incision made on the Vagina opening so that a baby can conveniently pass through during delivery. Convenient for the baby at the mother’s expense though, the incision is stitched right after the baby

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