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Keeping Fit & Healthy: Simple Practical Ways To Start Losing Weight Immediately, According To Science

While there are endless diets, supplements, and meal replacement plans claiming to ensure rapid weight loss, most lack any scientific evidence. There are, however, some strategies backed by science that do have an impact on weight management. If you’re ready

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Nigerian Doctor, Oluwafunmilayo Harvey Explains Why Cleaning Yourself With Toilet Roll After Defecating Can Be Injurious To Your Health

In a series of tweets, a Nigerian doctor identified as Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey has explained why you should never clean yourself with toilet paper after defecating. The practice, although quite common is in fact unhygienic and even harmful, Harvey explains. According

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Mum Desperately Warns Other Parents After Her Baby Nearly Dies From Drinking Water

The advice around giving babies drinking water is that, before they hit the six-month mark, it’s unsafe to do so. Babies can have immature kidneys, therefore, giving them too much water during their first year (particularly in the first nine months) can dilute

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5 Signs You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

The health benefits of water are endless. Drinking water comes with so many natural healing properties. According to the American Institute of Medicine adequate intake of water for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of water a day and about

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See Why University Student Allegedly Added Bleach To Pregnant Girlfriend’s Water

A 20-year-old Pennsylvania University student has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after authorities learned that he had poisoned his pregnant girlfriend’s glass of water with bleach in an attempt to abort the unborn baby. Theophilous Washington, of Washington,

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5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Water Intake

Eyinade Eweje Helping your child acquire a taste for water is not only essential for optimal nutrition, it is crucial to ensuring lost body fluids are continually replenished and your child’s brain stays properly hydrated to ensure better cognitive function.

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