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14 Things To Look Out For In Choosing A School For Your Child

14 Things To Look Out For In Choosing A School For Your Child

Looking for a new school for your child? As a parent, you now have to make a decision on which school exactly to opt for, considering that you still have ample time to make that decision before the new session begins in September. Hereā€™s a little guideline to help you along by Jane M. Healey,Ph.D;
Look out for schools that;

  • Have a clear sense of purpose in meeting the needs of this age group.
  • Have teachers who understand by evident training, the cognitive development of your child’s age range (what they ought to be able to learn and how to tailor learning material to suit them) and enjoy working with them.
  • Enjoy high academic standards that are age appropriate, not falsely accelerated classes.
  • Use sophisticated manipulative (hands on) materials to teach science and math concepts(rods, geo-boards, puzzles, etc.), in addition to written exercises, rather than relying on lectures and worksheets.
  • Provide individual support (intervention) for children having difficulty.
  • Encourage mastery rather than a large volume of material inadequately covered.
  • Try to meet social, emotional and physical development needs.
  • Emphasize study skills and learning how to learn.
  • Allow students physical movement during the school day.
  • Emphasize on presentation skills of materials learnt (original writing and speaking before a group) rather than simply absorbing material.
  • Capitalize on studentsā€™ individual learning styles and make room for them to pursue well planned projects of their own.
  • Allow for interaction with the larger community and nature outside the school and in the larger world in general.
  • Have a well -plannedĀ  programme for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse as well as child abuse in general.
  • Regard music, visual and performing arts as important parts of the curriculum.


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  • Never thought of these tips, I only access the performance of the kids attending the school, their uniform,distance and their school fee if I can handle it confortably without having to draw them back later .

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