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Teenage Girl Kills Herself After Dabbling Into The World Of Pornography

Teenage Girl Kills Herself After Dabbling Into The World Of Pornography

A 19 year-old girl decides to dabble into the world of pornography as an actress. Her school mates get hold of her video and taunt her until she decides to take her own life. Read onā€¦..


According to Daily mail;Ā 

At just 19-years old and stunningly beautiful, straight-A chemistry student Alyssa Funke took her own life weeks after she dabbled in the seedy world of amateur porn and was mercilessly taunted for her decision.

Miss Funke, who wanted to be an anesthesiologist, decided to take part in a sex video with a stranger in Las Vegas for website CastingCouch-X, using the name ‘Stella Ann’. Days after the sex tape of the teenager, from Stillwater, Minnesota, was posted online in March, abusive messages flooded her social media accounts, many from her former schoolmates at Stillwater High.Ā The messages, ranged from gossipy and sarcastic to nasty slurs about the University of Wisconsin student.

High school students had reportedly gathered around tables in the cafeteria to watch the teen’s sex tape on their cellphones, according to KMSP-TV. One called Miss Funke a ‘thot’, a slang word for prostitute, adding: ‘Does her dad know?’ Another message sniped: ‘Nothing brings a school together like a porn star who graduated last year. ‘Miss Funke fought back – defending herself. She tweeted: ‘Pornstar status’ and ‘FAMOUS for dayzzzzz.’

shoot3The last message she posted on Facebook on March 4 read: ‘The people that envy & hate you the most, stalk you on social media the most so, hey hi hello how r u doing, this ones for you.’She also wrote a post to her ‘future husband’ and a vulnerable message about wanting a relationship where you ‘never feel unwanted or alone’.

Her devastated family, who have been unwilling to speak publicly on her tragic death, launched The Alyssa Stop Bullying Fund, which has so far raised just $165. On the site, a family message reads: ‘On Wednesday April 16, at the young age of 19 Alyssa Funke took her own life. Alyssa like so many other teens, was a victim of bully and sadly the bullying lead to her death.’

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According to KMSP-TV, Miss Funke’s video remains on their website. Attempts to contact the site have so far been unsuccessful. The local sheriff’s office is investigating the teenager’s death but does not believe that the messages sent to Miss Funke, amount to criminal harassment.

Miss Funke’s story draws similarities with Duke student Miriam Weeks, 18, who was outed as porn star Belle Knox earlier this year and also sat on the same Vegas couch for CastingCouch-X.

Miss Knox, a Women’s studies major, made headlines earlier this year when one of her classmates outed Ā her secret life as a porn star to the student body.Ā Ā Since then, she has defended her decision to enter the adult film world on Piers Morgan Live, The View and other talk shows.Ā 

Source: Daily Mail

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  • OMG! The evils of pornography! This should serve as a lesson to those who are still into pornographic contents. Seek help before its too late

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