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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Get My Husband Back?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Get My Husband Back?

How do I get my husband back?

Since I got married three years ago, I have been having issues with my husband. I have been moving in and out of my matrimonial home each time we fight. I always end up spending between two to three month in my parent’s house, then later return to my husband after apologizing and begging.

In 2014, my husband trickily parked all my belongings and sent me to my parent’s home. He said he was tired of all my troubles and I once attacked him with a broken bottle during one of our fights.
I apologised afterwards; he forgave me and he took me back after  spending about 3 months in my parent’s house.

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Sometime this year, we had another disagreement which made him see another reason to send me out.

What happened was that we had a near death experience while we were traveling by road. He was driving and said I did not allow him get enough sleep before embarking on the long journey.

According to him, I am the reason our vehicle swerved off the road. There were minor damages to the car though and we survived. This generated a lot of arguments and disagreement that made me tell him that I was more than fed up and wanted to leave.

So, I decided to park all my belongings and moved out of our house. It’s been seven months since I moved out and he has not bothered to ask after my well being.

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Meanwhile, I learned from a close source that he is having affair with a woman who may likely be pregnant for him. I have not been able to have a child for him since we go married.

Despite all our quarrels, I want my home back, but my parent want me and are insisting that I forget him. They say he doesn’t love me again. Insult me all you want, but tell me the truth. 

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  • de mistake we make as wives is leaving our homes wenever we matter hw hard things get better face them in yo own home zen outside.

    • What a comment, so if its abusive wives should stay n die? Please change that mindset of urs. Thanks

  • It is so obvious he doesn’t want u again, jst forget him and move on with your life. God has the best thing in store for you, you deserve the best.

  • Am surprised at some of d comments am reading….y is nobody tryin to tell dis poster d bitter truth she doesn’t want to hear??? Dear poster listen carefully u brought this upon urself and anybody who is telling u to move on n forget about ur hubby is deceiving u,most of us dn’t understand d institution called marriage,my dear if u fail in ur marriage,u hav failed God n u have God to ans to not ur parents,siblings or anybody telling u to move on. U hav hurt dis man more dan u can imagine,u hav been taking him thru dis emotional roller coaster for d past 3yrs,my dear wat exactly do u take him for??? Dia is a limit to wat every human being can tolerate. My honest advice is dis: park ur things,go back home to ur husband ignore wat anybody is sayin or will say n go back to where u belong. Apologize to ur hubby,keep prayin to God to heal ur hubby n marriage. Even if dia is anoda woman,its not ur fight,its God’s fight n he will fight it wen u have given him d centre stage in ur marriage. Pls I beg u in d name of God go back home

  • Your husband is justified if he doesn’t ask after your well-being. You packed your things and moved out by yourself, he didn’t send you away. To him, since you’re fed up, it’s ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’.
    It appears you do not know what marriage is. However, if you’re truly still interested in the marriage, I’ll advise you humble yourself, go back and beg your husband with a resolve to be a better wife .You may need to go for counselling. Pray and work on your marriage.
    If you decide on the other hand to ‘move on’ with the attitude you have, I’m sure you will still end up the same way. So, change your approach towards the marriage institution.
    I wish you good luck.

  • Aaah…look at what all of you are saying…Mrs.Poster…u have a bad attitude, a stubborn side and above all a disrespectful nature…go back and apologize…marriage is not about relationship whiles you quite when u de person is at fault. It pains me to say this….with dis kind of attitude…if u dnt stop…u will end up being send back anytime u go into it again….go and apologize to save ur marriage

  • In marriage, wives must learn to endure. Men don’t like stubborn and difficult wives. Madam, you told him that you were tired and fed up. He didn’t send you out, you packed out and still expecting him to care for you. Pray, go back to him, and ask for forgiveness. God will touch his heart and he would accept you back. Please stop frustrating him.

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