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Dear MIMsters: Should Reveal My Medical Condition to My Fiancé or Not?

Dear MIMsters: Should Reveal My Medical Condition to My Fiancé or Not?

Should I reveal my medical condition to my fiancé?

I am a single lady and kind of engaged. My fiancé is based outside the country, in India precisely. He always asks me questions about myself and even the ones he already knows about.

Although I am not angry about it, my instincts are telling me he wants a perfect me which is not possible.

Today, he asked me to tell him things he doesn’t know about me. I cannot remember any because he already knows everything. I am really scared of the question, thinking maybe he is up to something. He will finally be relocating back here next year for us to get married.

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The only thing I know he is not aware of is my irregular ovulation and menstruation issue. I have tried taking drugs to correct it as it may cause fertility and conception issues. It is usually caused by infection or hormonal imbalance. I do not know if I should tell him about it as I have been trying to see a doctor. I have been procrastinating to see a doctor because as a student, I only have money for school and not medicals.

I want your advice. Should I tell him about my medical condition or should I keep it to myself?

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  • I for one do not think you should tell him. Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions, it might just be a minor ish. Instead go see a gynaecologist n explain everything. He or she will take it from there. Abt money, ur fiance gives u money; doesn’t he? Use that to see to this health issue. Do not tell him anything. When you r sure of what s problem is, dats if there’s any, u can choose to tell him

  • First of all, you shouldn’t be getting married if you are not comfortable telling your man something seemingly trivial but very important . No union should ever be built on lies so I advise you tell your partner about it. However, ensure you have done what is within your power to to find out why you have irregular flow. It could be as a result of infection like you said, or hormonal inbalance, kind of diet you are on or drugs you may be taking. It could also be as a result of stress and inadequate sleep. I will also advise you to go for a culture test, tell the lab attendant you will prefer a vagina swab culture, not urine culture. If there is any infection, I will be detected and treated and your body will be back to normal. Do not use money as an excuse, your health should be top priority to you especially as a woman planning to get married and have children. Do not be scared, irregular flow can be corrected if the right steps are taken. I wish you luck, and congrats on your forthcoming wedding.

  • Exactly what Luciana has said is my advice. So please follow that advice. However, it may be better telling him when you see face to face – which means when he comes.
    I wish you good luck …….. and congratulations!

  • I totally agree with Esther. It might be a minor issue n u telling him, he may take it as something serious n make a great deal out o it.jst see a gynecologist first n find out d problem

  • I don’t think you should tell him yet. Try see a gynecologist to know the underlying cause first to know how serious your case is. Your result will determine if you should or not. If it is very serious, then let him know asap. It might just be a minor ish.

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