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Mel B’s wild fight with Stephen Belafonte revealed in new interview

Mel B’s wild fight with Stephen Belafonte revealed in new interview

Mel B confessed her husband, Stephen Belafonte, “pisses her off like no other” after turning up three hours late to an interview because of a blazing row.

According to Mirror, the X Factor judge arrived for a fashion shoot wearing sunglasses revealing her “eyes were hurting” after a “big row” with her husband. Concerns were raised this weekend when Mel appeared on X Factor with a bruised face and scratched arms after a short hospital stay.

In a Grazia magazine interview given before the mystery illness struck, the former Spice Girl speaks about a huge argument the pair, who wed in Las Vegas in 2007, had shortly before she turned up to the shoot.
When quizzed over her ‘frosty arrival,’ Mel revealed she had a row with the film producer and was wearing sunglasses because her “eyes were hurting.”

“I walked in p**sed off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff. Sometimes he p**ses me off like no other, but he gets me,” she explained.

Stephen is said to have not visited her in hospital and it’s believed she has yet to return to the London home she has been renting, which has lead to claims that the couple’s marriage is in crisis.
Last week, the star defended Stephen in an interview with Hello! Magazine, though again conceded that he can be “irritating.”

“He’s the first man I’ve ever trusted. He’ s my rock and he’s the beginning and the end of who I am. He can irritate the pants off me, but I love him absolutely and I trust him with my life. People get him wrong, they think he lives off me. He doesn’t. He’s a businessman.”

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You’d recall Stephen, 39, was forced to deny claims he beat Mel after viewers of the X Factor live final on Sunday night took to Twitter and voiced concerns about marks on her body.


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