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Dear MIMsters: Why Won’t My Husband Let Go of This White Woman?

Dear MIMsters: Why Won’t My Husband Let Go of This White Woman?

I am a regular follower of the write ups your Facebook page but this is my first time to ask questions or seek for advice cause I am really at a cross road of taking a decision. My marriage is a year and 2 months old. When my marriage was only 4 months old, I discovered that my good husband whom I loved with everything in me is cheating on me with a white woman and he won’t let go.

He lives abroad and the plan was to join him after school soon. He pleaded and wept and I made up my mind to forgive him because I love him and was also pregnant then.

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Now, I find it so hard to believe that he opened another Facebook account and the same woman is the only friend on his list.

When I saw the things she wrote there, I was shocked- it was had for me to believe that he was still seeing that same woman. This is a man who is suppose to be a marriage councillor in a known Church and a Church leader. He is suppose to be a role model to other men and now see what he is doing.

I am just one cool sweet 27-year-old chick, so it’s not like I am off style. I hate this man now as much as I loved him for stabbing me in the back. I cannot even think of cheating on him and now see what he is doing not even thinking of our baby at all.

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I feel like just staying away for good. Since I confronted him about the last one, he first denied it and finally stopped talking to me. It’s over 2 weeks now. I am so angry honestly. What should I do please?

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  • Most Nigerian men r fond of this overseas bt I believe most of dem don’t marry such woman 4 real.

  • I know how painful the situation is. For now focus on your self and baby. If you allow high blood pressure come in, you will be fighting for your life, not your marriage any more. I pray the Lord be your strength and wisdom to carry on and be able to make wise decision on the next thing to do. All the best.

  • Since he’s living abroad, their marriage may be for convenient, pls talk to him about how u feel….

    But he should’ve opened up fully to u initaially, and the fact that he opened a ‘new’ facebook becus of her means he’s more real with u and being presurised by her…
    Pls have an open mind and talk with him, all the best.

  • Sorry dear. Please just try and be calm for now, love yourself and ur baby as much as u can. If he and when he starts speaking to u again ask him what exactly he wants from u and from live generally. If he sincerely wants u, u can forgive him and give him one more chance, if not just move on with ur life and let God jugde him accordingly.

  • Why don’t you just confront him? Pls just play it cool because of your condition. No body is worth dying for

  • Na wa oh for some men. My dear just focus on ur life n unborn baby for now since he is not even in Nigeria and I pray God will give u direction on what to do after you’ve had ur baby.

  • For now pls focus on your baby…what is yours ll never leave your side and also be more prayerful

  • While not take the matter to his pastor. Hear what he has to say. Pls dear don’t take any decision on your own. I believe in power of prayer. In the case of infidelity pls go on your knees and talk to God, unless you don’t love him again or u don’t care about your child. Confront him. Look for someone he respects in his family and report the issue. Again try to know y he married the white lady. If he needs help from her or any other thing. I wish u all the best. Remember no man owns ur life but jesus. So go to him ( THE ALL KNOWN GOD)

  • If you’re not wedded in the church, leave that marriage and take care of your baby. That man isn’t worth it at all.

  • Thank God he’s well known in the church. So its either you tell his family to invite him& ask him what’s going on or u invite ur parents in d Lord to ask what went wrong. It’s only from his response that you know what to do.if he does not show remorse, dump his sorry a*see but if it’s bc of his papers & he’s showing remorse , if u wish you can forgive him but make sure u go& live wt for me personally I don’t dig ds idea of Obe spouse staying far away in a far country cos there’s bound to be temptations

  • I know it hurts a lot bt it’s better u confront him to ease off pain atleast a little whatever comes out of it pls do not neglect your baby and yourself it’s well

  • Please,try and calm dwn Bcos U R pregnant.try n to stay Wit ur family pending when U give birth.Then U can nw decided on what to do.remember,no Man is worth ur breaking Down.God is ur strength

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