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6 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied At School

6 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied At School

By Dayo Richard

Parents would like to believe that their children will tell them when in trouble especially if they are being bullied at school, but this is not always the case.

Despite the fact that bullying could cause a lot of distress and harm to a child, as well as low self esteem, health problems and in some cases suicide, some children find it hard to tell their parents that they are being bullied at school.

Bearing this in mind, how can you tell your child is being bullied?  It starts with you being observant.

1. If you notice your child gradually begins to withdraw, becomes quiet, interacts less and seeks seclusion, it is possible they are being bullied.

2. If your child has unexplained injuries.

3. If you notice that your child who normally is organised becomes disorganised and has a lot of items missing from their room, then there could be cause for worry.

4. Your child has started coming home hungrier than usual despite taking sufficient amount of food to school. They could be giving out food in school to avoid being bullied.

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 5. Your child who normally loves going to school starts giving excuses not to go to school.

 6. Your child’s performance in school starts to drop, this could be a sign that your child is being bullied.

While these signs could indicate other issues as well as your child passing through a phase, it would be wise to take a further look and get to the root cause of these problems.

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