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Valid or Invalid? See Why 56-Year-Old Aggrieved Man Is Seeking For A Divorce

Valid or Invalid? See Why 56-Year-Old Aggrieved Man Is Seeking For A Divorce

A 56-year-old civil servant, Adeolu Olatoye, on Wednesday approached an Igando Customary Court, Lagos to dissolve his five-year-old marriage to his 40-year-old wife, Adeola because she only listens to her mother and takes part in fetish activities.

According to News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN), Olatoye told the court that his wife on many occasions advised him to seek black powers.

He said: “I caught my wife digging a hole in front of my house and buried many charms. She had on two occasions unknown to me, took me to spiritualists for black powers, which I refused.”

Olatoye said that his wife was always controlled by her mother and only listened to her mother’s instruction.

“My wife is being controlled by her mother on how to run my house. She used to tell me that her mother is her priority, that I am secondary in her life,’’ he said.

Olatoye went on to tell the court how he had rented a shop stocked with computer gadgets and electronics for his wife, and she did not open it for two years till the rent expired, adding that she was an ungrateful woman.

He said Adebola was always demanding money from him and whenever he gave her the money she would take it to her mother and asked him for more.

He said: “My wife forcefully collected money from me by violence, take it to her mother and also transferred the food stuff I bought to her. There was a time she collected N50, 000 loan on my behalf without my consent for her mother. I paid N75, 000 back to the people she loaned the money from. I paid the money I knew nothing about.”

Olatoye pleaded with the court to dissolve his five-year-old marriage because he was tired and was no longer in love.

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On her part, Adebola a mother of two denied all allegations, stating she had never taken her husband to any spiritualist or buried any charm in the compound.

She said: “I did not bury anything in front of my husband’s compound, I am not a fetish person.” She also said she never took any loan or food for her mother.

Adebola told the court not to grant her husband’s request, claiming she was still in love with him.

The court adjourned the case till Sept. 16 for judgment.

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