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How Husband Used His Unwitting Wife to Smuggle £500,000 Worth Of Heroin Into The UK

How Husband Used His Unwitting Wife to Smuggle £500,000 Worth Of Heroin Into The UK

Waseem Anwar Choudry, a cab driver in the UK, has been jailed for eight years for using his wife, Nazreen Choundry, as an unwitting drug mule to smuggle £500,000 worth of heroin into the sovereign state, Daily Mail reports. Choudry is said to have sewn 7.7lb of the ‘class A drug’ into eight of his wife dresses.



However, border security staff arrested unsuspecting Nazreen as she stepped off the plane at Heathrow Airport, in London, on 28 June.

The 28-year-old woman during questioning maintained that she had been to Islamabad, in Pakistan, for a two-week holiday and that she was not aware of the immense amount of heroin concealed within her dresses. She further told officers in a statement released by the National Crime Agency that her husband had not only given her the dresses, he had also packed her luggage.

Choudry, who was supposed to fly back into the UK several days after his wife, never approached the airport; rather, he tried to sneak back in by taking a train from Paris. He was arrested at St. Pancras station in London six weeks after his wife’s arrest.

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The British citizen admitted to packing his wife’s luggage and being involved in a plot to smuggle drugs into the UK. He was sentenced to eight years in jail at Isleworth Crown Court on 28 November. At the same court, his wife was found not guilty of involvement in the smuggling operation.

The National Crime Agency’s Siobhan Micklethwaite labelled the episode as, ‘a cynical attempt to import a large amount of class A drugs by a man who seemed quite happy for his wife to take all the risks on his behalf’.

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