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Awkward Moment Omawumi Storms Off TV Interview After Being Asked, “How Does A Role Model Keep Her Drinking & Smoking Habits Away From Her Kids

Awkward Moment Omawumi Storms Off TV Interview After Being Asked, “How Does A Role Model Keep Her Drinking & Smoking Habits Away From Her Kids

Celebrity mum and artiste, Omawumi Magbele stormed off a video interview with HFTV presenter, Zinnia after being asked a range of issues on motherhood and dispelling rumours about being in a relationship with her manager, Dr. Frabz.

The interview started on a delicate and shaky note as she was asked to dispel certain rumours. Then it got better as they went on to talk about her work and music.

The last straw that broke the Camel’s back was when she was asked how does a role model keep her smoking and drinking habit away from her kids.

Did the interviewer step out of line or did Omawumi overreact?

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Watch a short clip of the interview below…

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  • I call this an ambush. Omawumi did not overreact. I would do same. Why bring her kids into it? Mtscheeeeeeewwww.

  • Hmmm I think she overreacted.She dispelled other rumours but got agitated by this one.I feel if she neither drinks nor smokes,a simple ‘I don’t drink or smoke’ would suffice.

  • If she’s not a smoker and doesn’t drink, why will she be so upset about the question?

  • She overreacted and i suspect she smokes and drinks so thats her way of avioding the question. She was supposed to clear the air.

  • she overreacted because the interviewer never mentioned that she is the one that smokes. the question is a question I would answer if asked. she should have just gave a general view of role models who smoke and what can be done to salvage the habit not to affect their children.

  • So what’s her wahala with the question if she ain’t guilty…. there goes the answer – she’s guilty. #herbiz

  • She overacted, she ought to have simply keep calm, either she answer yes or No, she spoil the whole show by walking away. Guilty conscience dey worry her

  • she over reacted. i strongly believed she was on something and if she wasnt then she would be really temperamental. the way she acted shows she reallybis guilty.i mean she is a star and should expect questions like this all you do is calmly ignore or answer any question you choose.its a rumour so clear the air.m not her fan anyway neither am i a fan of tiwa but i still love the way tiwa handles interviews…….

  • Exactly why I like oyibo celebrities who are simple and down to earth. If na dem, they for answer the question with clear mind since both are no big deals for a celebrity. If na me, I for answer the question and dare the devil. Afterall, there is nothing new in this age and time. Change is the only thing permanent, though I detest drinking and smoking!

  • The comment from the host after Omawumi walked off the set tells that the host meant to ask a harmful question. I side with Omawumi and how she addressed people who act like angels and pull you down at the slightest opportunity. That question represents her as an irresponsible wife and mother and destroys her brand and reputation… We all have a point in our lives to say enough is enough and damn the consequences.

  • What if she smokes and drinks? That question is pointless, immature and very unprofessional . She did the right thing by walking away.

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