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Socialite Tamara Ecclestone Hits Back at Critics After Being Slammed for Breastfeeding her Baby in Public

Socialite Tamara Ecclestone Hits Back at Critics After Being Slammed for Breastfeeding her Baby in Public

Just recently, Formula One heiress, Tamara Ecclestone shared a new photo of her family while holidaying in the Bahamas as she breastfed her baby girl, Sophia in public.

However, the mum of one came under fire after posting the photo.

While many of her fans admired the Instagram photo, few questioned why the 31-year-old would dare to share such a personal moment, Metro reports.


One follower wrote: ‘I don’t get this picture being put on for millions to see. It’s a beautiful but personal (in my opinion) picture!!’

‘Why should mothers breastfeed our babies in the toilets like we are ashamed,’ another follower commented.

‘I don’t think the anti-breastfeeders would like to eat their lunch in the loos, would you??@tamaraecclestoneofficial is feeding her baby, if you don’t like it don’t look.’

‘Would you ask that if it was a cute picture of the baby being fed by a bottle?’ another asked.

Despite the criticism, Ecclestone is unbothered.

The socialite disclosed that she loves her routine of nights in and breastfeeding her 21-month-old daughter, and she doesn’t miss going out.

She explained:

‘I breastfeed Sophia everywhere – on the side of the road, at the beach, in the restaurant,’ Ecclestone said in an interview with Mother and Baby magazine.

‘I only thought I’d breastfeed for a few months, but now I can’t imagine not doing it. I love the bonding time with her.

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‘When my baby’s hungry I don’t give a sh*t about anything else – she’s my main concern.’

She added:

”I would tell them to go eat their dinner in the toilet. I think all mothers should support each other and stick together instead of picking flaws.
”It’s tricky as parenting is one of those things everyone seems to have an opinion on and a lot of the time it’s unwanted and can be so cruel.

”I am doing my best as a mum by following my heart and intuition. I feel mums should really listen to their intuition; no one knows their baby better.”

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