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6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

Conflicts are inevitable between couples, and in the flames of anger, it’s easy to utter hurtful words that may cause further friction and later regret. Some of these words may also be uttered during naggings about expectations from your spouse. Trying to exercise some self-control always is therefore essential to aid your efforts at maintaining a healthy marriage.

Find 6 things you should never say to your spouse…

1. “I want a divorce right now!” Don’t say it except you really mean it or your spouse may just take you up on the offer some day to your utter shock. Then, there may be no going back. Address your issues and resolve differences amicably in place of issuing empty threats aimed at provoking fear, and perhaps motivate your spouse to act according to your whims.

2. “I regret marrying you or I should have married someone else.” So, almost every time your spouse errs or displays a flaw you had overlooked and hoped he would outgrow after marriage, you nag and remind him of how the other suitor would have been a better option for you. He may get tired some day and let you try your luck with the so-called better option or find someone better entirely. On the other hand, you may ruin his self esteem and create feelings of inadequacy.

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3. “I hate you!” ‘Hate’ is a very strong word and should have no place in your vocabulary with each other as a loving couple. Refrain from saying that and instead find a more pleasant way to register your resentment about that very irritating thing you spouse has done.

4. “You’re fat!” Some people get touchy or defensive when others call them fat. So in place of constantly nagging about your hubby’s bulging belly or reminding your wife how she has lost her ‘figure 8’, bring up the subject subtly and lovingly draw their attention to ways that can help them get back in shape. Doing that will likely create some motivation.

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5. “Can’t believe we are still struggling with finances at this age.” If your spouse is quite hardworking, then it’s not his fault that he still cannot give you the type of life you had both envisaged. Don’t rub his meagre means on his face or compare him to his peers or some ex you should have married. You should be encouraging him, and remember, a lot of women are remarkably turning around their family’s quality of life. So, dust yourself up if you haven’t already and try to make those dreams come true too.

6. “You are just like your mother/father.” Even if you think your spouse got that very annoying or bad trait from one of their parent, pointing it out may aggravate the situation. All that matters is correcting with as much love as you can. In the same vein, do not say, ‘That is why my mother doesn’t like you.’ Always leave your parents-in-law completely out of your issues.

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