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How To Keep A Man: Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Wants Other Married Women To Take A Cue From His Mom 

How To Keep A Man: Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Wants Other Married Women To Take A Cue From His Mom 

Former Nollywood actor turned Pastor, Jimmy Odukoya is trending once again for his unique teachings at The Fountain of Life Church.

The clergyman who is the senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, in Ilupeju, Lagos, posted a clip on his official Instagram page, where he gave a sermon about how to keep a man.

In his sermon, the 36-year-old dad of two urged married women to keep their husbands happy, which will in turn reduce the possibility of them cheating.

According to him, no man who is full will go outside and still want to eat food, and this implies that a happy man will not cheat.

To further buttress his point, Pastor Odukoya used his mother, late pastor Bimbo Odukoya as an example for women. He cited that she never allowed anyone else to serve his father’s food when the former senior Pastor was alive.

The movie star added that his mom was reverenced outside but in their house, she always treated her husband like a King, therefore, married women should take a cue from her.

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Also, the young cleric spoke about the attitude of some married women to their husbands, stating that they are sometimes rude to the husbands.

While on the other hand, younger girls who had their eyes out for older men treated them with less hostility and more submission than their wives did, hence the reason for them straying outside their marital homes.

Pastor Odukoya further stated that men got more attractive when they were older because of financial stability, and that is why younger girls went after them.

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Women on the other hand got attractive when they were married because the men they married would become appreciative of them for being with them before they got money.

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The went on to place a lot of emphasis on the submission of women to their husbands in his sermon, and this is bound to raise a lot of eyebrows.

Regardless of that fact, he might have grown a backbone to media attention because not too long ago, he advised against men getting married without securing a job, and this ruffled some feathers.

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