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Nigerian Gospel Artist Writes As She Warns Single Women Against Marrying A Man Living In A Family House

Nigerian Gospel Artist Writes As She Warns Single Women Against Marrying A Man Living In A Family House

Nigerian gospel artist, Tina Johnson, has handed out some words of advise to women who are yet to get married.

She advised women never to marry a man who is still living in his family house. According to her, a woman who marries a man who still lives with his parents and siblings will never enjoy such marriage.

Tina wrote in a Facebook post at the weekend:

“My Sister, don’t marry a Man Living in a Family House, you will never enjoy that Marriage. I may sound Stupid and senseless but believe me the day you’re married into a family house you’ll remember this post.

Even flies in the house will abuse you including your in-laws. Until you find yourself in this situation you may not understand this post.

Sister, if he doesn’t have any money to rent at least one room apartment, then you guys have no business getting married. How will you guys now cope with family expenses? Don’t be deceived, marriage needs money.

The day your husband married you into family house, both of you have lost RESPECT and dignity in that family.

Even if itā€™s a room it will be much more better than living in a family house, for peace to reign.

If a man still lives in his parents house, tell him to get an apartment before paying your BRIDE PRICE. Statistics shows that, the wives end up unhappy, caged and frustrated.

No matter how good your in-laws are, pray you don’t have any reason to live with them. They will show you shege. It’s a matter of TIME. Just give them TIME. Visit them, let them visit you.

I repeat, Please don’t marry a man living in a family house, you will never enjoy that marriage to its fullest.”

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Below are reactions from netizens:


Simply the truth! I don’t care how poor you are or how big and empty that family house would be with only your parent(s) or sibling(s) in it or how much you value family! It’s far better to struggle in your self-con or 1 bedroom, to avoid see finish, especially towards your wife.


Why would the person enjoy it?The bible says to leave and cl8ng.Mant African homes are yet to understand it.Many African mums want their sons to place them above their immediate family.


Not one lie in what she said. I’ve seen do many examples.


See Also

Not for everyone, I married my man in his parents house in Poland, very nice place with beautiful garden and nice people. They gave me everything I needed. Took care of my first child. I barely did nothing. If it doesn’t work for doesn’t mean it’s not working for others. I love my husband’s parents so much.

@Betti replied Flora:

She is talking to Nigerians living in Nigeria not Poland. Although there are exceptions to what she’s pointing at.

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True all the time in an average Nigerian family house. But if it’s wealthy family home with mansions, state houses or many duplex houses joined together in large compound, it won’t matter because you get the same private space like someone living alone with own family. What the woman said is true though.

Generalisation is acceptable where the subject matter is true about 80% of the time. Are there up to 20% Nigerians living in mansions ?. I seriously doubt.

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