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Help! ‘My older son is gay…’ Mum Cries Out

Help! ‘My older son is gay…’ Mum Cries Out

A disturbed mom, unnamed has cried out for help on what to do after discovering that one her two sons is gay and her husband  is not taking it lightly as he wants to beat the hell out of the boy and even sprinkle holy water on him to make him change.

The touching post was shared on social media by Joro Olumofin.

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  • Please don’t just conclude that your darling child is a gay, There is power in the tongue, you get what you want with your tongue, pls start confessing positive word to him, enough of the gay name calling, you attract what you want…It is well

  • Hmmmmmmmm I think this woman and her husband are overreacting. He is just 12 for christ’s sake.

  • I just feel he is experimenting so if you think its odd then pray for him. Beating him won’t change anything.

  • Hey slow down is he a boarding day pupil,is he attending a school meant for boys alone,what type of teacher does he have,who are his associates,what movies or cartoons do you expose him to,whats your method of communication in the home,these are things you need to know to get to the root of his problem.besides hope your hubby doesn’t find faults in you always and see you as a bad person in their presence?flogging him and scolding him may now implant that gay knowledge in him either to remove mind or dig more.why not ask him soothing questions on why he doesn’t like females.

  • Pray. Talk him out of it with love. Whenever he does those things, point it out that it’s inappropriate for boys to do that. Use Bible portions on God being against homosexuality and explain the consequences to him. He may not even understand what he is doing so don’t talk him into it out of desperation

  • he needs lots of counseling. pray on him day and night and decree what you want into his life.

  • You say he’s gay like you saw him with another boy. I’m not trying to trivialise the issue here, but calling him gay is like signed sealed and delivered when at this point it can be fixed. Counsel him, pray for him, tell him you love him and how it will make daddy and mummy happy if he played with everyone especially girls.

  • There’s nothing to conclude about this, he’s a child and gay is not in our system/culture. He won’t get any support system and he will be tired.

  • First off, yoy need to relax and pay more attention to him. How are his friends, do you relate with any of them? You need to engage you boy in more conversations, draw him closer to you, make his friends your friends too, be more sensitive, you’ll get to know if he’s truly gay or just passing through a phase. Get prayerful about it.

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