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“Don’t marry because people say it is time” Uche Jombo Advises Singles

“Don’t marry because people say it is time” Uche Jombo Advises Singles

In a recent interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop,  Nollywood actress, screenwriter and producer, Uche Jombo, spilled on dating and marriage.

The happily married mum of one opened up about her marriage to hubby, Kenny Rodriguez. She explained that it was not strange shuttling between her home in America and work here in Nigeria because she was used to it. 

She said,

Before I got married, I had always dated people who lived outside Nigeria. As a result, being married to someone who lives abroad does not seem bizarre. I didn’t plan to marry someone who lives abroad. Rather, it just happened.

The award-winning actress also cautioned singles on the risks of being pressured into marriage and advised them not to get married for other people but for themselves.

She urged,

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Marry because you know this is what you want to do once in your lifetime. You have to be married to someone you can do everything with. Don’t marry because people say it is time to get someone. Get married for yourself. The pressure today will not be worth the ache tomorrow.

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