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House Help Who Connived With Brother To Steal Boss’ £40,000 Tells Why

House Help Who Connived With Brother To Steal Boss’ £40,000 Tells Why

Ugbem Samuel, a 24-year-old domestic help has been arrested for stealing £40,000 from his boss, Ajadi Babatunde, of Dipo Oyewole Street, Magodo, Lagos. He was assisted by his younger brother, Ugbem Monday, a commercial motorcyclist in Ikorodu.

The brothers who were paraded at the state Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja, blamed their actions on their desire to assist their poor parents.

According to NewTelegraph, Samuel said his boss recently returned from a trip to the United Kingdom (UK) with the money and when he found out, he called Monday. The suspects claimed they then climbed a ladder to the balcony of Babatunde’s house.

Samuel said:

”My boss came back from London with the money and when I saw it in one of his rooms I immediately called my brother. I told him about the money because we wanted to build a house for our parents who are suffering in the village but we did not have money.

When my brother came, we climbed to the balcony of the house with a ladder and stole the money. I have been working in the house as a house help for some time now so I know the house very well.”

He explained that the following morning, Babatunde discovered that the money was missing.

He added:

”When my boss discovered, he summoned me and asked if I knew anything about the money. I confessed that I stole the money and that I had given it to my brother.

I promised to return the money to him if he would give me a share of the money.”

Samuel said he then called his brother to bring the money, but he initially refused. Monday later gave Samuel the money. Samuel then took it to his sister to keep, hoping to return it to his boss when he agreed to share the money with him.

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According to the suspect, his sister however showed the money to her husband who divided it into two. Samuel’s sister’s husband subsequently fled with half of the money before they were apprehended by the police.

”When I gave the money to my sister, I told her to keep it without telling anyone but she told her husband who divided the money into two and ran away with half,” Samuel said.

The police have arrested Samuel’s sister but her husband is still on the run.

According to Monday, when the money was converted to Naira, it amounted to N1.7 million. However, Samuel claimed that they only stole 67 pieces of pounds in 20 and 50 denominations, adding that he does not know the exact amount.

Photo credit: New Telegraph

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  • Theft and greed runs in their blood. Stupidity inclusive because I don’t see how a house help will tell his oga to give him a share out of money he knows nothing about

  • Stupid people, you’re stealing money from your boss so you can build a house for your parents?? What an excuse, you don’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

  • Hahahahahahahahaha can you imagine this idiots. So you want to help your poor parents by stealing someone else’s money? Na wa oh.

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